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market data

Rise Above the Competition

If you aren’t meeting your members’ needs, another financial institution will. Visions can help you analyze data to show you what those needs are, and map out the solutions to reach your target market. We’ll consider your campaign development, digital and print delivery, and creative approach in your marketing plan.

Member Research

Know your target membership — and how they think — before putting your message in front of them. From basic social economic and generational analysis to focus groups and online surveys, Visions can help you understand your members so you can better serve their needs.

Keyword Research

Don’t assume everyone thinks like you do. Today’s geo-based search engines can deliver consumers actively pursuing your services right to your virtual doorstep. We can help you understand what your member base is searching for — and optimize your site to deliver a relevant solution.

Competitive Analysis

In today’s market, your target audience has a choice. Know what your competition is doing so you can remain competitive and identify opportunities to rise above the crowd. Visions can help you analyze the competition to determine how to become the favorite pick among your member base.

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