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social media optimzation

Why are we doing this?

Decide up front what you want to get out of your social media efforts. Your ultimate goal should be to lead capture and drive traffic to your website, but what are your underlying goals — Educate on financial topics? Promote products and services? Improve brand awareness? Once you define your strategy, developing your editorial calendar is a much more effective task. Let Visions help steer your social media efforts so you can confidently say “this is why we do this”.

You are What You Post

Sometimes less is more. Focus on a few pieces of quality content rather than dozens of off-topic or poorly executed posts. Not to say all your social media content has to be financial — there’s value in sharing your credit union’s culture — but make sure all your content is professional and representative. Visions can help ease this burden with content development and design so you’re well-equipped for high-end posting.

Brand & Optimize

If you’re going to hop on social media, by all means, make it look good. Your social platforms should be well-branded to leave the best impression, generate leads, and increase followers. And with about 80% of social activity happening on a mobile device, content should be developed with a mobile-first mindset. Let Visions help you get it right and define protocols to set you up for success.

Social Media Marketing

You need good content, even if it’s just for social presence. But your organic reach can be extremely limited — there’s not much guarantee your message will reach your target audience without paid advertising. Visions can develop and manage your social media campaigns, targeting audiences most likely to be interested in your services, to build brand awareness and increase membership.

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