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Make your Impressions Count

Although anyone can set up a PPC Campaign and spend a bunch of money, only a well-optimized and targeted campaign will serve up your ads to just the right audience and at a great bid price. Visions’ team will build your campaign to not only be highly engaging, but we have the technical experience to get you high quality clicks at the best price.


Unlike consumer impulse purchases, most people do a little research when it comes to banking. This makes search engine marketing a great option for credit unions. But the real value comes in the campaign optimization. Visions has experienced online marketers who understand how to get the most bang for your buck to yield high click-through rates with quality traffic.

Display Ads

While most pay-per-click ads are text-based, display ads are a great option to provide some graphic appeal. These ads also give us the opportunity to retarget users after they have visited the credit union website. Even without a click or tap, display ads provide a brand awareness benefit with every impression, putting your message in front of thousands of viewers at a relatively low cost.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness, as well as market to a highly targeted audience. Because of its casual nature, Facebook may not tee up as many users actively seeking financial products, but with strategic use of the data available, we can target the users most likely to show interest and deliver an attractive and familiar proposition.

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