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website Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union

Accessibility for All

Visions works with credit unions of all sizes and we understand the challenges posed by the requirement to become accessible. We offer a range of accessibility solutions to help your credit union do its very best to accommodate all users and we can customize a plan to suit your goals and budget. Whether you’re looking to develop a new accessible website, remediate an existing site, or implement ongoing monitoring, analytics and updates, we’ve got you covered. We can also help you with PDF and email marketing accessibility.

Proven Methodologies

We believe the best way to address accessibility is at the source code. In this manner, you “own” accessible code as opposed to “renting” a temporary overlay fix. Whether we’re looking at WCAG 2.1 or Section 508 Revised criteria, our teams builds solutions using proven accessible coding methods that alleviate at least 50% of accessibility concerns before testing is even conducted.

Leading Technologies

We use the accessibility industry’s leading technologies as tools to help our team test and validate your web and document products and content, including software from Level Access and AudioEye. With access to the knowledge base, training, and professional services of these accessibility firms, Visions has been able master accessibility development while leveraging third party validation.

Careful Consideration

A good bit of accessibility is subjective and therefore can’t be validated by technology. These criteria require human consideration or manual testing to determine if the functionality or content is indeed accessible to all. Visions takes careful consideration to ensure practical solutions are implemented to meet ADA guidelines without compromising the overall user experience or the credit union’s other objectives.

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