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CCUMD 2020 PPC Campaign


CCUMD targets a very specific audience (Maryland VA healthcare workers) for membership. The challenge presented to Visions was to maximize a small budget to gain the attention of this specific audience while limiting the amount of unqualified site visitors.


To achieve revenue objectives from a relevant audience, Visions utilized three primary channels, Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook. Tactics to reach the audience consisted of geo-targeting the local VAs, creating an audience of healthcare workers to target, and specifically naming these workers in ad copy.


Maryland VA healthcare workers

Results: 7200 New Site Visitors in Four Months

Across all advertising platforms, we generated over 7,200 site visitors in only four months, at an average cost per click of $1.41, which maximized a budget of approximately $5,000. The paid search campaign generated 6,280 site visits in the span of 6 months, and 99.96% of those were new visitors to the site. Average CPC of $0.65.