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Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union direct mailer


Findings indicated that a small number of members had allowed their money market balances to drop below the minimum required to earn the higher money market rates.


Acting on behalf of the members, JHFCU’s strategy was to offer these members an opportunity to increase those balances instead of losing earning power. They would offer the members multiple ways to make additional deposits conveniently.


It was easy to see who these very specific members were. There were less than 1,000 fitting the profile of those whose balances had slipped below the required $5,000 or $10,000 mark.

Delivery Channels

A self-mailer was used to allow plenty of room for the message without the additional expense of an envelope and the mailing charge for insertion.

Return on Investment: 334%

With over half of members responding, JHFCU received deposits from 515 members amounting to $991,135 in new money. Even with the high developmental costs for this promotion—$2,965 including mailing and postage—the ROI was 334%.