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jersey shore federeal credit union refiance campaign


Jersey Shore wrapped up a yearlong refinance event by advertising online through Google Ads to the local community. Our goal was to create both search and display ads to generate site traffic to the website, all while maximizing the total media budget.


The multi-campaign strategy was designed to target online users actively searching for loan refinance options via Google search. The approach for the Pay-Per-Click Ads campaign was to geo-target consumers intent on refinancing their existing loans, including specific efforts to target personal, auto, credit card and mortgage refinances. PPC Ad clicks were driven to a campaign landing page, which also received direct traffic from other marketing efforts, i.e. print advertising.


Our audience consisted of existing credit union members as well as geo-targeted populations eligible for credit union membership.

Results: 5.45% Click Through Rate

At the end of the four-month campaign period, the combined number of website views for the campaign landing page was 2,877. The Google Ads campaign was responsible for about 56% of all traffic to the page, generating a total of 1,624 of those visits!

The search campaign had an incredibly strong Click Through Rate – 5.45%. This helped us achieve a higher quality score for our ads, a higher ad rank (typically in first or second position of the search results), and a lower cost per click.