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Horizon FCU 2020 PPC


Horizon Federal Credit Union wanted to target their region with online advertising to promote new checking accounts, mortgages, HELOCs, and Auto Loans. They wanted to achieve $12.4 million across all products within 10 months.


Visions implemented a multi-platform strategy to target anyone searching for these products online. Search campaigns on Google Ads were designed to capture leads through geo-targeting and high-intent keyword phrases to ensure website traffic was relevant. In addition Google display and Facebook were used to capture attention from a qualified audience while they were not actively searching for loan information, but instead they had already demonstrated interest in these products through their online behavior and site visitation.


Existing members as well as geo-target populations who were eligible for membership with the credit union.

Results: 2X Revenue Goals Achieved

Through a mix of Google search, Google display, and Facebook advertising we helped Horizon FCU not only meet their 2020 goals, but double them. Instead of $12.4 million, they brought in $25.6 million across all products. 

Beating Industry CTR Average

Our performance in Google surpassed industry averages for Click Through Rate (CTR). A high CTR is crucial to getting your ad seen more often, and the higher it is, the lower your cost per click. The Google Search Industry Average is 3.27% CTR.

Horizon CTR by Campaign:

  • 9.17% – Checking 
  • 7.97% – Mortgage
  • 5.63% – Auto Loan