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Rediscovering the Secret of Branding

If there’s one thing that credit unions and brand developers have in common, it’s understanding the value of relationships. So why are credit unions among some of the most challenged retailers when it comes to branding themselves?

Many businesses don’t see the benefits of a strong brand position, much less how to develop one. And without the human part of the equation, there’s little value to a new logo or tagline. Too often, marketers concentrate their efforts more on the technology side of their communication plan, but in the end, technology is a great equalizer. The only thing that can separate you from the rest is the relationship you build with your customers. And that takes a brand.

The secret to branding a credit union lies in the philosophy that they’ve known all along—people helping people. Then taking it a step further, how do they make it even more personal to their community? Why was the credit union founded? Who are the people they serve today? What are the financial challenges their members face the most? The answers to these questions are where their brand is born.

While a brand may be the common experience shared among those that touch a credit union’s mission—deliverables such as brochures, websites and social media are the tools that help build that message. Need guidance developing your credit union’s unique brand? Contact Visions to speak with one of our representatives today.