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Proactive vs. Reactive: Does it Matter in Marketing?

We’ve all had to put out the occasional fire, but most people would agree that they wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. Yet after a few years it usually becomes clear that there are those who consistently respond to their environment—and those that anticipate what’s down the road. It’s often referred to as being proactive or reactive, but more importantly, it’s really about those that lead vs. those that follow.

In marketing, it’s hard to keep up with technology and easy to get tempted by the latest trends. And before long you realize that you’re spread too thin, the tasks you once did well are now being done haphazardly, and your budget is being wasted on things that don’t even work.

So why don’t the same issues plague leaders? The same reason a doctor tells you to take care of your body—prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have you put processes in place to protect your credit union from time-consuming problems? Have you developed strategic plans to keep your credit union focused on its long-term goals? Leaders instinctively know the value of looking ahead and avoiding obstacles before they happen.

Your marketing strategy needs to be a proactive one, because the success of any business depends on your ability to stay one step ahead of present circumstances. So don’t get fooled into thinking innovation means getting the hottest new toy. The real trick is to meet your customer’s need before they even know they have one.