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Facebook: What’s it worth?

'You get what you put into it” is probably one of the most appropriate phrases when it comes to understanding Facebook. Even before developing your business’ page, it’s important to determine its purpose—such as human resources, customer relations, or brand awareness.

You’ll then want to designate an administrator who’ll be responsible for regular posting and monitoring. Finally, be prepared with realistic expectations. A Facebook page usually takes years to build a following, and the ROI is often intangible.

Once you’ve developed a strategy, the most valuable element is each post you make. You may be growing a nice group of followers, but if they aren’t reading or sharing your message (or better yet, clicking back to your website) it doesn’t matter much.

The algorithm that Facebook uses to rank its posts is based on three components—relevancy, weight and decay. Using that system, here are tips that can help make your posts more successful:

• Use relevant content for the audience

• Attach photos or videos

• Include a call to action with link

• Share information from other sources

• Post new content often