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Content Marketing: Should Credit Unions Fit It Into Their Plans?

Content Marketing. Everyone is talking about it, so what’s the big deal? To put it simply, Content Marketing is the new term for an old practice—talking to the people who might want to buy what you’re selling. And just like in the past, marketers realize that the best way to do that is to provide relevant and valuable information. The only difference now is in the way it’s delivered.

Companies have known for years that being able to engage a customer in an ongoing relationship that builds loyalty is the secret to a great brand. But what happens when it’s no longer possible to greet them at the door or chat over a transaction? You have to rely on content marketing to have that conversation. Your front door may be your home page and conversations are held over pathways of web traffic, so it’s more critical than ever to keep them from leaving your place of business.

As with any opportunity to sell your product or service, you wouldn’t engage customers without having a plan. So why would you build a website or social media page without determining your goals and strategy first? Once that’s established, here are some of the ways successful credit unions are sharing their message:

• Blog posts 

• Case studies

• E-newsletters

• How-to guides

• News articles

• Press releases

• Research reports

• Testimonials

• Video

• White papers

At Visions, Ink., we’re serious about developing smart marketing strategies for your credit union. Ask us how we can help you improve your website’s content today.