Member Magazine

15 Reasons Why Magazines Work

Paper media has a stronger resonance with consumers and avoids the digital message clutter.

Rediscover the power of print.

You hear a lot about online media these days. It’s ubiquitous. This overload could make you think that no one is looking at paper any more. However, that is decidedly not the case. Instead online messaging is overwhelming and all too easy to delete or ignore. On the other hand, when it comes to print media and especially magazines, people are likely to keep them long term to be read over and over again.

Over the years we have provided a quarterly magazine for credit union members called Member’s Choice. Participating credit unions shared the cost of generic content development and design. The magazine served as a source of timely, credit union-only focused personal finance content that built trust and brand loyalty. It also proved to be an effective vehicle for promoting the credit union’s services with great ROI!

Enhanced Customization Options

Visions customized the front cover and name for each credit union’s magazine, the inside front cover and the inside and outside back covers. Digital printing now significantly reduces overall cost so much that we can now economically produce a magazine tailored to the needs of a single credit union. Contact us to learn more.

Use a magazine to:

  • Target specific segments of your membership
  • Reward members with deeper relationships
  • Promote credit union advocacy
  • Promote new products and services
  • Recruit household members

Magazines make effective marketing tools!

Check out an issue of Member's Choice.